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Please critique this colour scheme

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whataboutbob Tue 23-Feb-16 20:50:40

This is for a small 3 bed flat which my Dad rents to students (he's too poorly to manage it now so i do it). About 3 years ago I got builders to redecorate, i suspect they used cheap paint, it is not too attractive and i want to repaint this summer (the bedrooms, bathroom and hallway) to freshen the place up. I have decided on something fairly neutral, i am thinking of doing the hall 2 or 3 tones darker so maybe Egyptian cotton, and almond white/ natural calico in the bedrooms. Then something like a pale aquamarine in the bathroom. Does that sound OK?

wowfudge Tue 23-Feb-16 22:28:37

Sounds far too classy! I remember a floral patterned bathroom in one of the houses I lived in as a student.

whataboutbob Wed 24-Feb-16 14:12:34

Just trying to give the place curb appeal (or the interior equivalent thereof!).

wonkylegs Wed 24-Feb-16 14:30:21

It sounds fine but I suspect that it really doesn't matter what you do for that particular tenant group as long as it's clean and tidy, as it will need redoing regularly and is just a background to their own taste (students are usually good at sticking their own stamp on a place) . You might want to stick to cheap and cheerful - this is what brilliant white and magnolia were invented for.
Personally i'd save colour schemes for another time.

Rupster Wed 24-Feb-16 14:53:47

I would go for magnolia and then white in the bathroom. Will cost less and look absolutely fine. The students won't care that much about colour schemes: they'll be much more concerned with the flat's location, cleanliness and cost.

Clockworklemon Wed 24-Feb-16 14:59:14

Egyptian cotton is a lovely colour (most of my house is painted this colour!) it hides scuffs, marks, especially in the doorway, I think it's more practical than say magnolia.

Clockworklemon Wed 24-Feb-16 14:59:37

Sorry meant to say hallway

whataboutbob Wed 24-Feb-16 21:26:22

Thanks everyone for your pointers it's good to have your contributions. If Egyptian cotton hides scuffs sounds like a winner!

DoBananasWearPajamas Wed 24-Feb-16 21:28:44

just go magnolia, you're over thinking it

kayessbee Fri 26-Feb-16 20:39:06

I'd just do a durable white everywhere, then the renter can fit in their stuff more easily - loved in a house painted mostly green in NZ to reflect the beautiful trees surrounding it, but hated it....! Longed for white walls for 3 years.....

kayessbee Fri 26-Feb-16 20:39:53

Ooh, meant to say "lived in a house...." - oops....

whataboutbob Sat 27-Feb-16 17:15:02

Thanks kayessbee, but they are students and don't usually do any decorationg. I thought something with a bit of warmth would be good. if I was renting to professionals I'd definitely do white.

IShouldBeSoLurky Tue 01-Mar-16 00:24:17

I had almond white in my old 1-bed flat. Absolutely loved it, it's a great colour - neutral but not too warm. I'd probably go for a plain white in the bathroom though.

friendissues1 Tue 01-Mar-16 00:38:20

It's nice to see a landlord actually giving a shit! I hate magnolia op, it's awful. Would have hated it when I was a student too. I think that when a loan do

friendissues1 Tue 01-Mar-16 00:39:02

*lamdlord makes an effort to make the place nice then the tenants are more inclined to treat it well

Your idea sounds good op

whataboutbob Tue 01-Mar-16 17:56:07

Thanks for your encouragement friendissues1. i do take the view that if I am going to take their money ( on my Dad's behalf) I should make the place look as nice as possible and of course comply with all the regulations.

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