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question about eggshell paint

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NettleTea Sat 20-Feb-16 17:10:23

Im decorating the inside of a vintage caravan. Ive beeen recommended to use eggshell on top of any panels I want to wallpaper to stop anything showing through and to give a good surface to paper.

Is it necessary to use a primer for eggshell. I have bought a whole load of bargain old style oil based eggshell paints from Farrow and Ball, so I dont really want to waste them using them under the wallpaper, but Im guessing I probably need a primer for those too.

So question is
1. is there a decent yet reasonably priced primer I can use under the whole lot as not sure I can run to F&B (though it is a small van.... but I have 2 to do)
2. Recommendations for a good but reasonably priced eggshell to use under the wallpaper bits.


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