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full house "look"

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DeliveredByKiki Sat 20-Feb-16 06:13:19

about to buy a house after renting for years and years. It's bright and airy and we live in California, the previous owner was an old man who sadly died so it's a little dated and while we're not in the position to do major updates, we can certainly recarpet a little and paint the lot.

I'd love to add touches of brightness, and we have accumulated Mexican crockery and fabrics but I think the house suits a more coastal look. I don't have a great eye for interior design so need some help - can we go for more coastal/beachy colours (muted greens and blues and turquoises I suppose? beiges and burlaps) with the occasional hate this word pop of colour, will that even work?! Mexican style I'd be going for more warm walls and floors I suppose, terracotas etc. Should I go more with a look I'm less personally enamoured by but probably suits the house better?

Should point out this is an investment property to get our feet on the ladder, there are options to extend in the future if we want but we need to keep our eyes on reselling at some point - so again a more coastal feel might be better?

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