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Bulky shutters

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Peyia Wed 10-Feb-16 18:11:48

I've just had shutters installed. 9 windows in total. The approach of the house is beautiful. Two bays downstairs and three windows upstairs.

Problem is one of the window is slimmer due to it being a landing window. I'm really disappointed with it. As it's slimmer it appears really bulky and out of place. I'm going to call the company tomorrow to see if anything can be done. They were sold to us as made to measure but look so out of place!

Does anyone else have shutters? Are they bulky, are they supposed to be that way? All the others look fine.

icelollycraving Sat 20-Feb-16 07:37:48

Can you post a picture. I have shutters in every room but one. I can't say they look bulky.

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