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F&B paint decisions please!

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acazc Fri 29-Jan-16 19:03:37

We have just moved into our cottage. It has fairly big rooms and isn't low-ceilingned (it's a word), but it's got lots of dark, dark wood. I am a painted wood (but we will leave the beams alone) kind of girl. The cottage is 17th century and I think that white wood and darker coloured walls is more of a Georgian/Victorian thing. I want to have a light putty/grey on the wood and then a whiter version of the colour on the walls. I'm familiar with the Farrow and Ball colours and have loads of tester pots but would appreciate a steer on a good colour scheme. The kind of wood colours I've currently looked at are: Bone (too dark), Stony Ground (too khaki), Shaded White (which I love) and Skimming Stone (which looked basically white to me). Any suggestions/opinions? If you had pics of something similar you've done yourself, I would love it!

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