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Single mattress suitable for children and adults

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Ningnang2000 Sun 17-Jan-16 06:29:44

Hi guys

I need to get single mattresses for the kids but as we play musical beds every night I often end up sleeping in them too. W gig kids mattresses last time but they'll have no support snd you can feel every spring. I'm hoping that mire comfy beds might help them stay in their own beds more.

Anyway i can't figure out if a firm adult mattress is good or bad for kids. Or if memory foam is suitable for them too.

Any recommendations?


RoganJosh Sun 17-Jan-16 06:32:34

We have three different silent night miracoil which are all fine. The children are happy with them and I've slept on them too. Our first one was a Dreams one which you could feel every lump so we had to replace it, so I know where you're coming from.

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