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Can someone find me a kitchen table & chairs please?!

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PingPongBat Sat 16-Jan-16 11:46:50

Our new kitchen cabinets will be much like these - gloss slab doors, ivory, brushed steel handles, worktop is a bit lighter coloured but sides of the cabinets won't have the wrap around thing on the sides (I'm sure this has a name but I can't remember what it is). Floor is yet to be decided but probably a light / mid coloured-limestone Karndean (2nd pic).

Now I need a kitchen table and chairs to go with it. Really struggling to work out what will look right!

Ideally it would be an extending one, so we can sit up to 4 (or maybe even 6 people). Not exactly sure how much space we will have as there is a wall to be knocked down & I'm finding it hard to visualise the space. But there will definitely be room for a rectangular 4 seater.


Doingmybestmum Tue 09-Feb-16 10:37:32

we just bought a fab table and 2 benches from THINK Found - I love them and they can make them to your specification. Unusual and family friendly and no trees killed - hope you like them (I don't work for the firm!!)

PingPongBat Tue 09-Feb-16 18:03:07

Thank you Doingmybest - I'd given up on anyone replying! I've seen a few of those hairpin leg tables around on various websites, and would like to see one IRL before I buy. But definitely worth considering

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