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Towel storage question

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ANiceSliceOfCake Fri 15-Jan-16 22:25:02

I asked this in property and DIY but think I worded it wrong.

Once you have a shower where do you put your wet towels?

At the moment we hang them over the stair bannister but it looks messy.

So has anyone got or seen any nice towel rails (not the radiator kind), or maybe something that I'm not thinking off? I've seen those wooden ladders you can get but I'm not keen.


mrsmeerkat Fri 15-Jan-16 22:37:40

I give mine a blast in the tumble drier as also feel they look messy.

I use the bygel rail from ikea with the cups so we store our toothbrushes in them but Next are worth checking out.

wowfudge Fri 15-Jan-16 23:49:04

Hooks on the back of the bathroom door. We also have a rack that hangs over the radiator.

ANiceSliceOfCake Sun 17-Jan-16 09:49:55

I may have to just go for hooks on the door then, was hoping for some quirky storage thing but I guess I'm over thinking it smile

magpie17 Sun 17-Jan-16 10:34:15

A heated towel rail is my dream thing to have but in reality we also hang them on the bannister in winter and outside in summer. I would love some sort of attractive solution too!

Pipistrella Sun 17-Jan-16 10:37:53

We have a fairly big bathroom (not enormous) and we have a wooden (plastic covered rails to avoid staining) clothes airer behind the door, which is next to the bath/shower.

It is where I hang the washing, there's a heated towel rail behind it against the wall (the old fashioned sort - hate those modern shiny ladder things) which makes it warm and so we just drape our used towels on that.

dementedpixie Sun 17-Jan-16 10:47:22 - we have something like this although ours doesn't have a solids shelf at the top (has a couple more rails instead)

dementedpixie Sun 17-Jan-16 10:48:38

The kids towels are in the main bathroom and they have one of those radiator racks to hang on

ggirl Sun 17-Jan-16 10:51:37

we hang ours on a row of hooks on the wall

ANiceSliceOfCake Sun 17-Jan-16 20:05:19

Thanks everyone, pixie that's a nice rail, I've seen some like that, if I can find a wide one of those that would be good.

Needafiltercoffee Sun 17-Jan-16 22:29:41

We use radiator racks. I would not recommend hanging wet towels on a wooden banister because in time the banister will warp.

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