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If you have a king size bed, do you also have king size pillows?

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76burntbeans Mon 11-Jan-16 15:34:41

We bought a king size bed and still have the pillows from our old double. I'm thinking about buying new pillows and assumed that I would get bigger pillows to fit the bed but I noticed that king sized bedding comes with standard double bed size pillow cases. I looked around for pillows that fit a king size bed and have on,y really seen them in White Company.

Do most people just keep standard pillows? If not, where do you buy pillow cases?

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Mon 11-Jan-16 15:39:00

I didnt know there was such a thing shock.

Unless you want to search for separate pillowcases all the time would it be simpler to.stick to standard size?

Salmiak Mon 11-Jan-16 15:41:02

We have a superking bed, all our bedding comes with regular size pillowcases

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Mon 11-Jan-16 15:44:19

Pillows and pillowcases are all the same size (roughly) they don't come in single,double and king size.

If you've found some big ones you've just found some big ones.

WhoKn0wsWhereTheMistletoes Mon 11-Jan-16 16:05:29

Never heard of them, our normal pillows fit our king size bed.

JoanFerguson Mon 11-Jan-16 16:07:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Icklepickle101 Mon 11-Jan-16 16:12:56

We have 1 long bolster pillow that goes across the top of the bed and then 1 'normal' pillow each.

SteamyMcDreamy Mon 11-Jan-16 16:20:10

I bought something king size pillows and pillowcases from Soak and sleep. They are 90cm in length.

MirandaWest Mon 11-Jan-16 16:25:34

I had no idea you could get larger pillows

makemineasnowball Mon 11-Jan-16 16:25:41

Superking here and we just have 4 regular pillows

Iateallthemincepies Mon 11-Jan-16 18:04:54

We have four normal pillows and two big, square ones for reading in bed.

wowfudge Mon 11-Jan-16 19:20:11

We have normal size pillows. When they are puffed up, there isn't much space between or around them.

VegetablEsoup Mon 11-Jan-16 19:21:17

I have a giant overstuffed pillow (80x80cm).

AnnaMarlowe Mon 11-Jan-16 19:23:20

I'm not clear why you would need bigger pillows, heads tend to be fairly standard in size...

ChishandFips33 Sat 16-Jan-16 22:55:32

I have just seen some king sized pillows in tkmaxx - hadn't seen them before and they were weird!

I nearly bought them but then worried about getting pillow cases. They came with one on but DH is a sweaty bugger and would make it yellow in a fortnight!
We have 4 normal sized pillows - Oxford pillow cases (the type with the unfrilly frill round) make them fit the bed better

Jungfraujoch Sun 17-Jan-16 10:02:39

Super king bed. Pillows/cases from John Lewis.

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