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bedding woes!!!

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primitivemom Fri 08-Jan-16 00:24:20

Hi everyone smileI'm looking for advice regarding kids bedding. Dds currently have duvets on their beds and they drive me insane! Duvet gets lost in the covers, they look very messy and the dds kick them off in the night. Our house is not cold at all even in winter and I am thinking throws and blankets when I redecorate their room at Easter. What's the best way to go? Blankets, throws or new duvets? What do your ds have?

Twinklefuck Fri 08-Jan-16 08:42:10

My dc's have a duvet (plus waterproof & fitted sheets) and pillow each. Ds doesn't really use his duvet either so at bedtime it's folded to the bottom of the bed and he won't have anything over him. Dd uses hers and is usually a jumbled mess by morning but takes just a few seconds to put right.

If either of mine would let me I'd have a big sheet tucked into the sides all neat but obviously my kids are allergic to anything looking close to neat

Oldraver Sat 09-Jan-16 23:50:10

I have sewn ribbon into the inside corners of duvet covers (and some duvets) to tie them to the duvet...stops them falling down inside.

I also have duvet clips, thpugh it doesn't work when I have the summer and winter one on together

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