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I'm stuck in a decision making Catch 22. Help!

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OccamsLadyshaveToo Mon 04-Jan-16 19:55:57

I decorated my dining room over a year ago. It's a large room with a big bay window. I just needed to make rapid decisions so I went for an off-white for the walls (I think it's called Parchment) and the floor is stripped floorboards stained a dark teak colour to cover up the blemishes.

Now 14 months later I still have no lampshade, only about 2 pictures and some very old, faded ugly curtains that I had from my old house that don't really fit properly.

I'm considering one long wall with this wallpaper. Is one wallpapered wall a bit outdated? What are the alternatives to bring some interest to a room? I don't want to paper it all because the fireplace wall is complicated and has built in shelves.

Lampshade: It's a big room with 9ft ceilings. It could take a really big feature lampshade. I am a bit fussy though because I don't like lampshades that restrict the light too much. I work at home in this room and I like working in lots of light (think Wembley Stadium!) I don't want mood lighting! I do have a nice standard lamp for evenings if I want to soften it a bit.

Roman blinds: I have seen some funky patterned fabric but I don't think I could get away with that and the wallpaper. Not sure which to go for.

The table has a patterned wipe clean tablecloth at the moment (a bit Cath Kidston) but I could change it. Can't really do without a tablecloth without buying a new table because it's so tatty.

I could have a rug, large picture, wall hanging, mirror etc. The problem is where to start. I am so indecisive and I keep thinking I can't choose the blinds until I've chosen whether to have wallpaper, and I can't choose the lamp shade until I've chosen whether to keep the tablecloth etc etc and the result is I've chosen nothing!

Please help! What do I choose first?

House is Victorian and the room has a table and chairs, a small bureau and a piano. All very dark oak and mostly 1940's utilitarian! The alcoves near the fireplace are full of bookshelves, and I don't want it to start looking like a National Trust property! I'd like something a bit modern in there but to keep the feel of the room which I really love.

Twittwattwoo2 Tue 05-Jan-16 04:48:13

I like the Laura Ashley wallpaper but would personally use it in a bedroom. What about just painting a wall or using a more modern paper, or something mid century like Sanderson Swallows?

For the light fitting would a large white origami type shade be too modern?

I'll link some pics of what I was thinking if the furniture is anything like the piece I'm linking but wasn't sure.

Twittwattwoo2 Tue 05-Jan-16 04:50:02

Other pics

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