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What to put in place of lighted twigs?

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MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff Sun 03-Jan-16 23:03:07

Just wondering, if I have a low small table with a large glass vase with lighted twigs in it and I want to get rid of the twigs what can I put in their place in the vase?

I'd love suggestions as to what's in as lighted twigs aren't very popular on mumsnet! Thanks in advance.

Meht Sun 03-Jan-16 23:23:27

I put soft white fairy lights in a vase over Xmas & they looked lovely.

MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff Tue 05-Jan-16 20:08:15

Bump, just looking for inspiration please.

Thank you Meht btw.

yomellamoHelly Fri 08-Jan-16 13:34:49

Think I'd go for a lovely candle.

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