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Please can you have a look at your Ektorp sofa bed for me?!

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Frontstep Sat 02-Jan-16 23:03:35

We have a three seat Ikea Ektorp sofa bed. It's always been quite good but when we came to put it up for PIL last week, the head end was all saggy and funny. We put a duvet under to pad it temporarily and it was ok-ish. But now I look properly, there's no 'beam' thing under the head end where it seems like there's a slot for one - three or four in the middle section but none at the head section. I thought I'd go look at one in Ikea to see what it should be like, but apparently it's discontinued shock! If you've got the same one, pleeeeaase can you have a look under the head section and see if there's a wooden beam there?

wowfudge Sun 03-Jan-16 10:38:59

You can get the assembly guides from the IKEA website, but it seems the one for the Ektorp sofa bed isn't there - I'd either go to a store if you live locally or contact IKEA for advice, they are really good and have staff who can advise on this kind of thing.

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