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Kitchen blinds

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Jemster Tue 29-Dec-15 20:14:48

We need a blind for the kitchen but I'm not sure what type to go for. Having looked at friends & family kitchens roller blinds seem to be the way to go in kitchens but we get the sun quite strongly in there & I wouldn't want to end up with blind pulled down all day.

I'm thinking the slatted type venetians might be good as can be half closed but stil let light in.
Does anyone else have this type of blind in their kitchen? What material should I be looking for as I'm guessing wooden slats might not be good in a kitchen?
Prefer to order online if anyone has any recommendations.

Theknacktoflying Tue 29-Dec-15 20:20:51

We have fitted venetian blinds ( fit into our windows vs hanging from top of window) ans they work for us as we an open window without having to lift blind and can be slanted to angle the light.

However, get something that would be easy to wipe down and clean - kitchen blinds are insect and grease traps.

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