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Paint colour advice (F&B)

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Pigeonpost Sun 20-Dec-15 18:58:52

We are having our bedroom decorated w/c 4 Jan. I will post some photos of the room but it has a lovely high ceiling with two gable end walls. The only natural light is from two fairly small Velux roof lights and the ceiling has 6 spotlights with halogen bulbs which give off a yellowish glow. There is no pendant light but I am considering having one fitted just for the same of providing a feature with a giant copper or bent wood lightshade. My husband works in there during the day and tends to have a lamp on next to his desk if it's gloomy outside.

I am determined to paint at least the high wall behind the bed in F&B Downpipe. Our colour scheme in our old house was grey, dark pink (tiny accents really) and white. As you will see from the photos, the room is currently The Pinkest Room In The Whole World. Ideally I would paint the wall opposite the bed Downpipe too. Because of the ceiling height I would then like to paint the currently wall-papered low wall and the ceiling all the same white but I am torn between Dulux Trade Plain White or something less white like F&B Great White which is sort of pinky grey. I would still like pink accents in the room from the accessories/bedding but probably more blush pink. The fourth wall is all built in wardrobe with frosted glass doors so quite grey there too. I did consider a grey-white like Ammonite for the low wall/ceilings but I don't want it to look too grey (although the pink accents should help with that) and I'm completely torn between whether the contrast between Plain White and Downpipe will look fantastic and very sharp or too sharp and too masculine. I have been told to look at Dimpse but that looks rather green to me. I haven't tried a sample of it yet though.

Anyone got any wise words please?


Pigeonpost Sun 20-Dec-15 19:00:01

Here are the photos.

Pigeonpost Sun 20-Dec-15 19:01:17

I've taken down the previous owners pink bottles from the alcove now by the way! The idea is to paint the alcove white to pick it out as a feature.

Wolpertinger Sun 20-Dec-15 19:30:56

It's hard to judge as I think even with paint samples you can't tell in the room as it is so pink.

Seeing as you are settled on Downpipe is there an option of having everything you want done it that first and deciding the other colours after?

Or putting sample patches on after the pink is covered in undercoat?

Pigeonpost Sun 20-Dec-15 20:56:58

The problem is that it will take so many coats to cover the pink that we don't really want to pay to do it twice. Although covering the pink with Downpipe is probably less bad than putting a lighter colour on it. I have a photo which shows the samples in situ. Downpipe is the grey on the far right in the first pic with Great White next to it. The second pic is Great White up against the existing white ceiling.

The bloody room glows pink at the moment. Hideous. Like being in the womb!!

building2015 Tue 22-Dec-15 20:29:33

We did our bathroom in Ammonite (top half) and Plummet (bottom half) recently. The Ammonite looks like a very soft white next to the darker grey. It doesn't look like you are surrounded by grey at all.

I think your colours are quite a bit more contrast-y than mine though, and would look very bold and modern and fresh. My palette was more muted.

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