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Are you there Valspar paint guru?

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Pigeonpost Sun 20-Dec-15 18:49:20

I know there is a MN'er who works with Valspar paint so I'm hoping they see this. I have a couple of questions which I wonder if you could possibly help with please.

1. We are going to be painting most of our house white. I don't want to use Brilliant White and instead want to use something less 'blue' along the lines of Dulux Trade Plain White. Are you able to point me in the direction of a Valspar equivalent to Plain White? I get outfaced by the trillions of little paint cards in B&Q. I want to use Valspar Premium for the high traffic areas because my kids are messy and I love it's wipeability. Everywhere else will probably just be done with the Dulux Trade Plain White. Can you colour match white? Should I just paint a piece of paper with the Dulux and get it matched?

2. At the end of October I painted all of our kitchen units in Valspar Premium Wood & Metal Interior Eggshell. It took me a week shock. I dutifully sugar soaped, sanded and did 3 coats (it was covering a sort of dark beige paint). Whilst I am super impressed with the "scrubbability" of the finish, it does seem to have chipped quite a lot, even well after the 1 week curing period. I'm assuming it's latex in the paint which makes it scrubbable but that also seems to make it susceptible to chips and the chips sort of peel a bit. Did I do something wrong? I clearly need to sand back the chipped areas to repaint but we are still getting chips now. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

Thank you in advance! smile flowers

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