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Does anyone really love interior design and want to give me some ideas of how I could decorate some rooms in my new house :)

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MaryPoppinsPenguins Wed 16-Dec-15 18:13:58

We're just sorting out an exchange date, and after being in rented for the past three years I'm desperate to get in there and make it ours smile

If anyone's interested I could post some pictures as it currently is?

lalalonglegs Wed 16-Dec-15 18:26:51

Post some pictures of the house and your furniture smile.

MaryPoppinsPenguins Wed 16-Dec-15 18:58:58

This is one of the bedrooms, dining room and living room... My oldest daughter is 5 and this would be her bedroom, and my furniture is all light wood and neutral colours really! I'm looking to replace my dining table and chairs.

My daughters bed and furniture are white from GLTC & Next and it's quite new.

lalalonglegs Thu 17-Dec-15 09:47:24

I love the windows, is the house 1920s? The floors are nice wood, the bedroom has good carpet but it's all a bit bland. I would be putting in a lot of colour. If you're not used to using bright colours - and you want to use them - start with something like a rug and get used to that then build from there, cushions, curtains, upholstery. Colours don't have to match but it helps if they are a similar tone (so acids, for example, or jewel colours or those that have a greyish tinge).

I put a lot of pictures on the wall - anything will look good in a frame and you can get plain wood/black/white/silver frames incredibly cheaply at Ikea (which also come with mount board which helps make pictures look sharper too) or on ebay. Spend some time grouping things in an interesting combination on the floor or tabletop and then photograph it so you know which picture goes where when you come to hanging.

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