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Trampoline dilemma - help!

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Mumster786 Thu 10-Dec-15 14:33:00

We have recently moved to a house with a garden which is very exciting!

We wish to buy a trampoline for our daughter. (hopefully we'll get use out of it for her brother and all their mates) Eventually we would like to sink the trampoline into the ground in the back garden but we can't really do this yet as we are not sure what we want to do to the garden and placement would be an issue right now so naively thought we could buy a trampoline and then pay someone to help us dig out the garden, take away soil etc and build any inner wall etc but am learning that this is an expensive option. I was advised by one company that it would cost approx $2000 to install trampoline specifically designed to go into ground, considerably more if I tried to buy one which would normally go above ground as they would need to dig down deeper. Yikes! Does anyone have any experience in this area?

I have seen various guides linked to on mumsnet chats but confess we dont have the DIY gene in our family so would need to find someone to do this day's work for us. We are based in North London.

Any advice on which conventional trampoline to buy with a view to sinking it in later? My understanding is rectangular is for the professionals so we will probably go for circular. Or should we buy a cheaper "traditional" trampoline and then in 18mths-2 years time buy our sunken trampoline.

Be great to hear your experiences

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