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bespoke wardrobes...

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Queazy Mon 07-Dec-15 06:01:45

Just that really smile I'm getting quotes for bespoke wardrobes from local carpenters but very expensive. The space is in our new loft but not sloping so think would be pretty straightforward to buy fitted wardrobes instead. I don't know where to start! Are they all just v expensive so better off going completely bespoke with carpenter?

Planning to move house in 2-3yrs so don't want to pay loads.

Any thoughts? 

ISeeIt Mon 07-Dec-15 06:32:51

Ive had fitted cupboards built in both houses by my builder. I just measure the space, find some doors I like that'll fit the space on eBay (I like antique pine but you could get new from howdens etc) then give s rough plan to builder and he does the rest. Total cost of labour and parts for massive triple wardrobe is probably about £350 including antique doors, much less for new

ISeeIt Mon 07-Dec-15 06:34:10

Ps I got quotes from chippys that were much higher. But I don't know if you mean a wardrobe you could take with you if you moved, which would be another story

BlueGirl1982 Mon 07-Dec-15 07:40:51

We've just had fitted wardrobes installed in our bedroom, sloping ceiling and awkward alcove to work with, had a local joiner do it, he charged £150 labour and the materials (bought from a wardrobe fitting company) were £500...that was for large sliding mirror doors, we have 2 sides with a high and low rail each, some shelves and one high rail in the middle. I wanted opening rather than sliding doors but they were twice the price confused He was much cheaper than bespoke companies, we did look at eBay but our space was too awkward!

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