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toddler bed or straight to an adult single?

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GoodGriefCharlieBrown Sat 05-Dec-15 14:57:27

DS is 2.9 and we'll be looking to move him from his cot into a bed over the next few months. I was thinking of going straight to a normal bed because it seems like a waste of money getting a toddler bed and mattress, but now I'm not sure. Mainly this is because he loves drawing and painting so I'd like to get a little table for his room but if he has an adult bed then there won't be much room for a table - if he has a toddler bed it could go easily at the end of that.

So, in a long a rambling way I'm asking how long did your toddler bed last?!


CointreauVersial Sat 05-Dec-15 15:00:16

I didn't waste money on a toddler bed - went straight to a normal one.

Isn't there somewhere else for a table? Personally, I wouldn't let paint anywhere near a bedroom.

GoodGriefCharlieBrown Sat 05-Dec-15 15:09:09

Well there's the kitchen table but it's not very big and obviously has to be cleared for each meal...mind you maybe that's just my innate laziness/messiness talking.
My plan was to find a little table that could fold up and go under the bed so it wouldn't take up room all the time, but after hours on the internet I can't find anything suitable apart from flimsy camping tables. Maybe I should start another thread about finding children's folding tables!

northerngoldilocks Mon 04-Jan-16 21:59:14

I'd go straight to a single bed. Better for if you have to get in when he's ill too! GLTC have an under bed play table which could work

RomComPhooey Mon 04-Jan-16 22:02:50

I'd go straight to a single bed. Better for if you have to get in when he's ill too!

I was just coming on to say the same. You can also decamp to a full-sized single bed if a sweaty, wriggly toddler gets into your double and keeps you awake (speaks voice of experience).

storybrook Mon 04-Jan-16 22:06:03

My 3.5 year old is in a toddler bed (tbf we got cotbeds for our two so no messing from cot to bed) and I get in with him fine, I also get in dds cot when she can't settle, so there's lots of room imo, they both have tonnes of room so I'm thinking we won't need an adult bed for years yet and ds is tall. I'd say toddler bed but can see why you'd pick an adult bed. Measure up the difference and see what it'd be? I love the midi sleepers from ikea.

sleepyhead Mon 04-Jan-16 22:15:19

ds1 is still in an Ikea junior bed and he's 9!

We're getting him a loft bed this year when ds2 moves into the toddler bed. It's 165cm long so plenty of room unless your child is tall (ours are 25 centilers).

I've slept in it - once. Wouldn't recommend, but it is possible...

Scattymum101 Tue 05-Jan-16 15:13:14

We just bought dd a proper single at 3. Before that she was in her cot bed with the side down.
You can get beds with a swing out desk like this. Could that be a possibility?

Cressandra Thu 07-Jan-16 22:59:25

ikea toddler beds are good, they're a bit longer than the norm.

I do get the argument that the single works out cheaper, but DS went from toddler bed to midsleeper. If you assume we were going to get the midsleeper anyway, which I think is fair as his room is diddy, the toddler bed was cheaper than a full single as an interim. I was too tight to buy toddler sized bedding though. Full sized bedding does work but it's not ideal. Given our toddler bed was in use for over 5 years, I really should have bought some bedding to fit.

Have you considered a basic £5 ikea Lack coffee table? They are similar in height to the ikea toddler tables and the legs unscrew very easily. Or just get a normal toddlers' table and accept you're not going to pack it away much anyway. I would imagine folding toddler tables are hard to find because they are not so stable and toddlers can't be trusted not to stand on them etc.

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