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How much for decorator to paint hall, landing and stairs?

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WonderOnTheUp Sun 29-Nov-15 20:54:06


I'm just wondering what is a usual price to pay for this (plus a one bedroom) we have always done the decorating ourselves but don't have time at the moment. The quote we've had is for preparing the walls, 2 coats to ceiling, walls and woodwork for hall, landing and stairs plus bedroom (large single room) and the ceilings are not particularly high. Paint is included in the price. No wallpaper to strip etc. the quote is £800 and I didn't think it would be anywhere near this, am I living in a dream world or is this in the region you would expect for this work?

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Groovee Sun 29-Nov-15 20:59:32

Depending on hall size it's about £400-500 round here.

PoppyBlossom Sun 29-Nov-15 21:00:37

That price wouldn't surprise me to be honest if they are professionals, although it's hard to say exactly without seeing the space/dimensions.

MissFitt68 Sun 29-Nov-15 21:02:05

Yes, about right

But includes which paint? If it's cheap stuff like dulux I'd question it

WhoisLucasHood Sun 29-Nov-15 21:02:56

We've just paid £400 for painting the stairs and landing and ceiling. This included 2 walls of wallpaper. We bought the paint and wallpaper ourselves.

WonderOnTheUp Sun 29-Nov-15 21:06:15

They haven't said the paint, just a high quality durable paint. They have been recommended by several people so I think they would use good materials. At least I know it's not extravagant (I'd better start saving!)

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Wombat87 Sun 29-Nov-15 21:10:39

I'm London based. One guy quoted £850 for hall stairs and landing, but it's a loft conversion so 2 sets of stair rails and a bit more wall

NoSquirrels Sun 29-Nov-15 21:15:12

Doesn't sound unreasonable for the SE. Not sure about elsewhere.

Professional decorators can be great, but they are expensive when you consider you can do it yourself. But you're paying to get out of doing it (and all the associated trips to the DIY store etc.) so depends on how highly you value your time, in the end!

If you've only had one quote I would get at least one more, as it can vary a lot.

atticusclaw2 Sun 29-Nov-15 21:17:03

Sounds about right to me. Rough quote is £400-£500 per room but a hall stairs and landing is not really just one room.

namechangedtoday15 Sun 29-Nov-15 21:17:53

I'd say that's pretty reasonable (NW).

cuntycowfacemonkey Sun 29-Nov-15 21:17:57

sounds about right to me

Mouthfulofquiz Sun 29-Nov-15 21:21:12

We had every single room of our 2 bed house decorated two years ago for £700! It sounds a lot to me...

Redberrypie Sun 29-Nov-15 21:21:17

We were quoted similar, but then got a recommendation off someone, he did it in one day for a bargainous £140. It looks great. If you're north west, happy to pass on his details.

FiftyNineOhEight Sun 29-Nov-15 21:21:49

I recently paid 870 pounds for hall stairs and landing in a new-ish build semi in London (so no Victorian high ceilings, and not a big landing).

Etak15 Sun 29-Nov-15 21:23:47

It sounds a lot to me too but I'm up north! I would say more like £200 - £300 max.

walkingtheplank Sun 29-Nov-15 21:23:34

Oh crikey. You're going to shocked by his much we are paying for hall landing and stairs that are being done at present. Previous lining paper has been taken off, walls made good for what looks like first time in 80+ years, double lining paper, painting of walls, ceiling, woodwork and wood doors to be tidied up. Price is £1900 for about 10 days work including materials. We know the bloke works like a Trojan and will do a very good job.

OP, how many days work will the £800 cover and how much will materials cost (presumably more than just paint). Do you think the decorator is worth that daily rate?

walkingtheplank Sun 29-Nov-15 21:24:37

In contrast our bedroom was under half that. I think hall landing and stairs is quite a labour intensive area.

WonderOnTheUp Sun 29-Nov-15 21:30:41

I'm in South Wales. I'm trying to weigh up if it's worth it. May get a few more quotes too. DH is quite good at decorating but takes a long time. He's not keen on me helping as he thinks I'm "slap dash" with it! (I think I'm not too bad!) it would probably take him a good 5 days to do all the things they are offering. He works away and is fed up of doing jobs when he's home (this isn't all the time but I guess they build up). He's always reluctant to pay for work to be done but usually doesn't have the knowledge or skills for the jobs needed (his previous attempts at plumbing resulted in a flooded kitchen a few years ago!). I think I will see his reaction to the quote tomorrow!

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WonderOnTheUp Sun 29-Nov-15 21:33:21

It's two people doing the work, I was expecting it to take them 3 days but that may be unrealistic. I have to confess to never properly prepping walls and woodwork before decorating so no idea how long this would take to do properly!

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WonderOnTheUp Sun 29-Nov-15 21:35:10

So may people have recommended them so I guess their daily rate is ok, I was just shocked really as had absolutely no idea how much this sort of job would cost.

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WipsGlitter Sun 29-Nov-15 21:38:04

Over £2000 - but we have a big house, three storey, lots of woodwork, high ceilings and massive walls!!!

walkingtheplank Sun 29-Nov-15 23:25:52

OP - don't underestimate the prep time. It took our decorator 4 days to strip and make good the walls and sand down the wood work.

He works an 8 hour day and works solidly through the day.

The prep time means a good finish and we don't expect to have to redecorate properly again for a long time.

I also have a DH who hasn't got the skills to do the job himself and I'm too slapdash to be allowed near it. We think it's better to get someone in who knows what he's doing, especially on a stairwell!!

I do sometimes wish our decorator had someone else with him so he could take less time in total. He was doing a DS's room the week before so looks like I'll have him for almost 3 weeks and I want my privacy back.

SteamPunkGoth Sun 29-Nov-15 23:26:18

Ours was £850.

wowfudge Mon 30-Nov-15 07:47:55

The quote includes a bedroom, all the prep, walls, ceilings and woodwork? Sounds a pretty fair price to me.

atticusclaw2 Mon 30-Nov-15 07:56:02

Oh I didn't read the OP properly. If that includes a bedroom its a bargain.

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