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Feng Shui - Where would you hang this painting?

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ChickenSoupChef Sun 29-Nov-15 14:08:11

A few years ago I went an art exhibition with my now ex, and fell in love with this painting by a local artist.
I was doing well financially and a few months later I was able to buy it, thankfully no one else had bought it in the meantime.
With the purple and the cost of this item, it's probably the most extravagant item I've bought, other than maybe some furniture but that at least useful!

I had reservations about keeping it as it partly reminds me of my ex. But have struggled as I love the painting and I bought it myself.

It's currently in the laundry room, the creativity and children sector of the house.

I am considering moving it to the wealth sector in the living room.

Also, does anyone know why you are not supposed to keep a fish tank in the kitchen, even if it's the wealth area.

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