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How to rejuvenate a rental property

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divere Wed 25-Nov-15 16:35:31

Has anyone got any good tips how I could make this bathroom and kitchen look a bit more updated? I was wondering whether change tap fittings might work, although not sure if that's something I could do myself. I like old farmhouse style but generally any tips to make them look nice would be appreciated! Flooring is nice at least. (White tiles kitchen, wood floor bathroom)

wowfudge Wed 25-Nov-15 18:15:14

Depends on your budget, how tired it really is and what lettings agents think. Is it worth doing work? Make sure anything that's a niggle is fixed and that it's clean. Are you living there at the moment?

I don't think the kitchen is bad at all. How about re-tiling and new worktops? Those two will make the biggest difference, but especially tiling, not the cheapest fix. Looks in good condition though. Changing the cabinet door knobs for something more modern would lift it too.

divere Wed 25-Nov-15 18:53:53

I'm just about to move in, so I'm not sure I want to start asking about major changes straight away. It's all in really good condition, it's barely been lived in, it's just been done in an old fashioned style. So I think it could look a lot worse! Putting new handles on kitchen cupboards is a good plan. I was wondering if there is a paint for tiles? It may look less dated without the picture tiles?

divere Wed 25-Nov-15 18:55:19

The appliances are not mine either, so I could get a nicer kettle etc which may make a difference.

Sparklycat Wed 25-Nov-15 18:57:43

If it's not yours then I doubt the landlord would be happy with you doing anything like changing taps or cupboard handles! You will just have to use accessories to brighten things up.

wowfudge Wed 25-Nov-15 19:41:15

Yes, I assumed from your post you were getting it ready for renting out! You must ask the landlord before you make changes - even just painting - and especially things like painting tiles and you must keep things you remove, like cupboards knobs, and put them back at the end of your tenancy. If the landlord agrees to changes, make sure you have them in writing so there's no quibbling at check out.

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