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Painting over textured paint.

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Ningnang2000 Sun 22-Nov-15 22:27:35

Hi. Does anyone have experience of this? Previous owners painted a "suede" paint on the hallway all the way up and round the landing. I want to freshen up for Christmas but have no idea if I can just emulsion over it. It's chipped off in some places too. Plan is to use fine filler then paint over it. That would be the short term way to deal with it. They long term solution would be to strip the wallpaper it's painted on then reline the wall and then paint but that is A LOT of work.

wowfudge Mon 23-Nov-15 08:00:28

I would paint over an unobtrusive square and see what I thought before either lightly sanding, washing down and painting over or just painting over the lot.

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