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help! dulux whites

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stilllovingmysleep Fri 20-Nov-15 08:25:23

Hi all, I'm a bit stuck as I need to make a decision about white paint colours thus morning and I'm not they happy with the samples we tried (from dulux heritage).

The contractor provides dulux brilliant white as part of his package and that's what we will do for ceilings and son's room. But for (south facing / largish) living room, landing hallway and our bedroom (north facing) I'd love some suggestions.

I want a clean white look but worry that brilliant white all over might look too clinical. I would like a white with a hint or grey, no red or yellow in it.

--living room is south facing with a medium dark walnut floor
--bedroom is north facing with a medium dark grey carpet

Ideas? Would you just go with brilliant white and to hell with it or could you suggest other options (ASAP please as I need to do this now). The closest to what I liked were Wiltshire white and Swedish white but I'd just like a bit more of a cold grey tone.

BikeRunSki Fri 20-Nov-15 08:27:56

Have you tried Timeless. I find it the perfect white-but-not-clinical. We have it in most rooms!

stilllovingmysleep Fri 20-Nov-15 08:31:23

Is timeless yellowish at all as that's what I want to avoid? I want it more white but with a hint of grey

BikeRunSki Fri 20-Nov-15 09:22:34

I suppose it is "warm" rather than "cold" yes. We have it with a dark blue/grey and it looks great though.

AliceInUnderpants Fri 20-Nov-15 09:26:39

Timeless is designed in a way that responds to other colours in your room. We have rooms with neutral carpet, brown, hot pink and teal blue. Each room looks different.
I wouldn't use brilliant white on walls. Ask your decorator for advice.

stilllovingmysleep Fri 20-Nov-15 10:08:57

Ok I'll go for timeless for living room landing and hallway and chiffon white 1 for bedroom. Gosh this decision is made so randomly but I hope it's ok!

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