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Help me find nice bedlinen for master bedroom

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MrsMolesworth Thu 12-Nov-15 17:56:02

We need new duvets covers. We have greeny gold walls and very ornate embroidered curtains in greeny gold and dark red, so we can't really do another bold or fussy pattern. In the past we've had cream with very simple green or gold embroidery but there's nothing like that around at the moment that I can find, and our old sets are vile now (tea stains etc.)

We need a king size duvet cover and sheets and pillow cases. Can anyone suggest anywhere? I've tried M&S, Dunelm, Debenhams (these are about the right price range) and seen nothing.

Where should I look? Even better, has anyone seen anything that sounds like it might go?

HereIAm20 Fri 13-Nov-15 11:24:35

These are currently on sale. Do you like anything like this? I really rate Laura Ashley bedlinen - it always looks new for years after!

PhyllisDietrichson Fri 13-Nov-15 15:53:04

I resently spent one loooong afternoon milling around dept stores working out what I wanted but keeping an eye on the price. I had my heart set on the designer ones, but realised it was too much - pattern AND price wise. So I got the dept store's Egyptian cotton plain duvet cover, Orla Kiely top pillows, Miss Print under sheet and under pillows, all in the same colour range. I did not go for curtains, but if I had it would look great having the designer patterned ones as the plain cover means it's not too fussy; and it looks fab; really pleased.

MrsMolesworth Mon 23-Nov-15 08:02:34

Sounds good Phyllis, but a bit too complex for me. I have Christmas overlaod and just need one simple solution.

HereIAm - they look perfect (as is the price) as long as the jacquard isn't too bold. Off to take a look today. Thank you!

namechangedtoday15 Tue 24-Nov-15 09:35:50

Have you looked at Soak & Sleep (recommended on here before). They have quite a few sales on (20% off) and having just had some things from them, can really rate the quality. Didn't work out that much more expensive than your high street department stores but feels nicer somehow. Also worth looking in TK Maxx if you have one locally but it can be a bit hit and miss.

MrsMolesworth Tue 24-Nov-15 10:25:19

Thanks namechange. Will look as the Laura Ashley stuff, though lovely, just didn't work with what we have.

Sgtmajormummy Tue 24-Nov-15 10:28:18 Top brands at great prices. Fast delivery, too. Beware, you may get carried away!

MrsNeil Wed 25-Nov-15 21:27:36

Another vote for soak & sleep ! Brilliant quality and great service.

Misty9 Tue 08-Dec-15 21:00:43

Don't know whether you're still looking but I found surprisingly that Wilkinsons do nice stuff.

SauvignonPlonker Sun 13-Dec-15 16:35:38

I really like Next bedding; their merchandising with co-ordinating accessories eg cushions, bedspreads, is great & you can get a full "look" planned.

Nellday Wed 16-Dec-15 18:12:04

I have this one - so simple it goes in any colour scheme

grizzlebear Wed 16-Dec-15 18:33:28

I had terrible service from Soak and Sleep! Spent an absolute fortune on some 1000 TC sheets (which were fabulous when they arrived) which both then split down the middle within a few months of each other, within a couple of years. They had received exactly the same treatment (usage and laundry) as all my other bedlinen, including decades-old M&S sheets and some Sanderson duvet covers, which had been used & washed over 10x as much.

S&S said as they were more than a year old they weren't interested. For something that was a premium product at an extremely premium price I was unimpressed! I wouldn't risk buying anything there ever again. (I didn't like some pillows I bought from there either, they made me cough.)

bookbook Wed 16-Dec-15 18:37:03

I second the just linen site upthread - I buy all my towels and linen from them

Twinkie1 Wed 16-Dec-15 18:38:28

I buy the plain dyed stuff from Feather and Black. They do a nice pale sagely green.

I always end up with their linen too because so few places do king size pillow cases. It's really good quality. Am only just thinking about replacing puts after 4 years. More because I feel like a change. It's actually better than when we bought it because it seems to soften overtime.

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