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Can anyone help me choose which blinds I need in my bedroom?

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Mrscog Sat 07-Nov-15 16:07:55

Is anyone a budding interior designer? I need some help choosing what blinds to have in our new bedroom before DH goes mad! Our furniture is oak, walls in Dulux Timeless,, carpet is a neutral but towards the grey end of the spectrum, pure white bedding, with this over

I feel as though the blinds (which will be fitting into each window recess) need to add a bit of contrast. I have some posters of 'old style botanical drawings of butterflies and birds' to frame and hang, these have a cream background, and various colours (I could take a picture if that would help).

Is this going to work? Argh - interior design not my thing at all, but I do want a lovely new bedroom!

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