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What colour towels would you choose?

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Boutonneux Wed 04-Nov-15 13:40:22

We're about to paint the walls in our downstairs loo Dulux Willow Tree. They're currently a really nasty sickly peachy/pinky sort of shade. The loo and sink are cream (quite a dark cream, more like a light beige), not ideal I know... if it were up to me I'd rip it out and replace with white but as we rent that's not an expense I'm willing to tolerate!

I know I could just go for some nice cream or light green towels but I really fancy something bright and wow to give a nice splash of colour, like hot pink or bright red. But would either of those "go"? Or would they just look odd? What other bright colours could work with the walls and sink?

Many thanks smile

minipie Wed 04-Nov-15 17:23:40

Not red - too christmassy with green

Pink would go, but pick a deep pink (eg Dulux Raspberry Bellini or Rose Trellis) rather than hot pink

Aubergine would look good too and hide any dirt

Boutonneux Thu 05-Nov-15 22:17:41

Haha, I didn't think through the green and red did I?

I think a nice, deep raspberry pink could work well, thanks minipie smile

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