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Artificial Christmas Trees

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Samwelly Sun 18-Oct-15 09:32:39

Can anyone recommend a realistic artificial Christmas tree. I was hoping to get a pre-lit one. We have had a real one for the last few years and the needles dropping drove me mad. I was hoping for one as like the real thing as possible!

wowfudge Sun 18-Oct-15 11:43:34

John Lewis sell good ones, but they are not cheap.

LBOCS2 Sun 18-Oct-15 11:48:48

I was about to recommend JL too. I noticed last weekend that they have ones which have different textured branches in order to make it look even more realistic, they're very good.

Given that a decent 6ft tree can cost upwards of £50 nowadays, you don't have to drag out your fake one for too many years to make it worthwhile. As long as you're not like me and don't lose bits of it one year to the next...-

Samwelly Sun 18-Oct-15 13:29:17

Thank you so much. I hadn't even thought of John Lewis smile

lavendersun Sun 18-Oct-15 13:32:38

Ballast Hill, mine is fab, not cheap but it will last forever.

lavendersun Sun 18-Oct-15 13:32:58


Chrysanthemum5 Sun 18-Oct-15 13:40:47

Hi we got a balsam hill one in the sale. It's incredibly realistic, not cheap though!

lavendersun Sun 18-Oct-15 13:45:39

Not cheap Chrysanthemum but mine is on its fourth year this year and has already paid for itself.

Add to that the disappointment when the real tree I used to buy ended up being an odd shape and the frustration of always buying one too big for my low ceilinged cottage, the needles, etc, etc, and I am really happy with it.

Chrysanthemum5 Sun 18-Oct-15 13:57:30

That's good to know Lavender. We put it up to see where it will go and it looks so beautiful.

Samwelly Tue 20-Oct-15 10:54:19

Thank you folks! I have now ordered one from Balsam Hill as they look fab! Now eagerly awaiting delivery!

lavendersun Tue 20-Oct-15 19:09:36

I hope you like it Sams. I got some white cotton gloves with mine to fluff out the branches grin. The base of mine was broken when it arrived and their customer service was excellent, a replacement base sent next day delivery and they didn't bother to request that the broken one was returned.

I liked that as I am always short of time.

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