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I need to change hallway paint colour. Can anyone recommend a warm bright white colour?

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Brytte Sat 17-Oct-15 12:48:40

My hallway is north facing and has little natural light coming in. The configuration of our house means there is no upstairs window off the landing. The only constant natural light has to come through a porch door and front door stained glass window. Two years ago I was so averse to magnolia or any buttermilk/yellowy shades that I hunted for a greige shade and painted it Egyptian Cotton. I've hated it since day one and now winter is here, I am reminded just how horrible it makes me feel each time I enter the house. It looks like drying concrete. It's sludgy and dull.

I'm ready to tackle it again and want to get it right this time. I'm looking for a warm white, a fresh bright shade that sings joy to me each time I come through my front door, even when it is winter.


Brytte Sat 17-Oct-15 12:51:07

Easy to wash paint would be better since I have two children who use the wall like a banister rail.

BikeRunSki Sat 17-Oct-15 12:54:11

Dulux Timeless, can be mixed into many bases.

IguanaTail Sat 17-Oct-15 12:58:00

My neighbour painted her north facing hallway a colour called Julie's Dream (little green paint co) and it's like a lovely clean warm hug every time I go in. Thinking of doing mine the same but I do have a lot of light in mine.

IguanaTail Sat 17-Oct-15 12:58:36

Picture from the website

HeySoulSister Sat 17-Oct-15 16:33:44

For white in a hallway you will need a tough paint! Valspar premium is scrubable. Completely. And paint remains looking good. Dulux endurance is only wipe able, not as hard wearing

BikeRunSki Sat 17-Oct-15 18:34:17

Haha! Our Timeless rooms are mixed up in Valspar premium. At B&Q you can tell them pretty much any colour, from any manufacturer and they can mix it into Valspar bases. The Valspar PC has a huge database. I agree that Valspar premium is superb.,

HarlettOScara Sat 17-Oct-15 18:42:59

I have Dulux Timeless in most of the house but Dulux Jasmine White worked best in my North facing hall that got no natural light at a all.

Thatsbetter Sun 18-Oct-15 14:36:50

Farrow and Ball modern emulsion in Pointing - that's what I plan to use in our dark hallway when I get around to painting it!

I've used a tester pot in various spots and it won hands down.

Chippednailvarnish Sun 18-Oct-15 14:42:20

I second dulux jasmine white.

HeySoulSister Sun 18-Oct-15 19:28:08

bike no database anymore I'm afraid! But they can colour match from a brochure/paint can

OverScentedFanjo Sun 18-Oct-15 19:42:14

I recently used Dulux Apricot white.

I shuddered when I chose it as I'm sure it was the colour de jour of the 80's.

It looks really warm and clean. Not orangey at all.

WeAreGoingOnABearHunt Sun 18-Oct-15 20:02:59

Frayed hessian works great for us - pretty warm colour.

Brytte Mon 19-Oct-15 17:56:43

Ooh - I forgot I started this thread. Thanks everyone for your suggestions so far.

WanttoFindWorkLifeBalance Sat 24-Oct-15 07:22:20

Dulux Heritage linen white - a lovely warm white

Stercusaccidit911 Sat 24-Oct-15 17:11:59

I totally agree with Farrow and Ball pointing. My north facing kitchen dresser painted with this and it's great. Would love my hall painted with pointing as well

Brytte Sun 25-Oct-15 11:03:28

I've gone for Pointing. It looks like a bright cheery shade. The skirting and picture rail will need repainting too. Any recommendations for a bright white that compliments pointing?

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