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What colour carpets have you teamed with your grey walls?

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teacher1984 Thu 15-Oct-15 10:00:00

We have light oak wood floor in the hallway which leads onto the lounge. Light oak is a warm colour so feel the lounge carpet should be slightly warm toned for continuity. However, some walls in the lounge will be grey (others white) which are obviously quite cool tones so wondering if warm floor vs cool walls is correct?

Interested to hear what others have done?

I could always go for a warm white and a warm grey emulsion.

ShowOfHands Thu 15-Oct-15 10:03:53

We have a light oak floor in the dining room leading into a warm grey front room (open plan). The carpet is patterned and sounds awful if I describe it but it's actually very nice. It's a mixture of a red, a beige and a grey, the pattern is very small. It's a bit like a Manhattan loft type carpet or a trendy striped stair carpet in effect. We have deep red and purple curtains and purple and red throws on the sofas, plus some red lamps.

It all ties together very nicely and is homely and warm.

teacher1984 Thu 15-Oct-15 14:22:01

I like that you went warm with it. I have seen grey carpets around a lot with grey walls and I feel like it looks a bit cold / officey

I'm trying to keep an open mind though!

ShowOfHands Thu 15-Oct-15 17:22:51

It was DH who wanted grey and I wasn't convinced but agreed to give it a go. I like lots of colour, particularly warm colours and soft furnishings. DH reckons I want to turn our house into a Moroccan boudoir.

He was right though. The grey with the deep reds and purples actually works very well indeed. It's brilliantly cosy with the lamps on.

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Sat 17-Oct-15 17:36:00

I have light grey walls in living room,dining room,my room and ds room (white or greige elsewhere). Dining room have oak laminate, living room ivory carpet as couldn't figure out what else would work with the grey and a plum feature wall, ivory carpet in my room and a black,white and grey funky striped carpet in ds room

NotSoDesperateHousewife Sat 17-Oct-15 17:40:50

We have light grey walls with dark grey carpet in our hall. Accessorised with bright turquoise and hot pink so it's not cold at all.

sofato5miles Sat 17-Oct-15 17:41:39

I have a yellow and grey honeycomb carpet, which looks fantastic.

JimmyGreavesMoustache Sat 17-Oct-15 17:46:35

biscuit-coloured carpet, and a big persian rug with lots of red in.

teacher1984 Sun 18-Oct-15 19:36:00

Thanks for all the helpful replies! I'm naturally drawn to the warmer tones so have stuck to my gut instinct.

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