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Stone / Taupe / White bedroom help please

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timeou Sat 10-Oct-15 11:31:06

I'm doing out my bedroom, would like to use white / stone / taupe colours together.

All woodwork and mid height dado rail will be white, bedding white and fitted wardrobes white. I'd like the walls to be the following sort of colours and im debating whether to wallpaper the bottom half of the walls below the dado rail. Is this old fashioned? The room is very oddly shaped so cannot do a feature wall.

Ive found the following colours that I like but im not great at pulling all these together. The room is large 6M x 4M but not square, it is west facing if that makes any difference.


but the last one is a bit too 'magnolia' really I guess


My curtains are white and Ive got the following roller blind. My carpet is a light stone colour and furniture white.

If anyone can help me pin down colours to pull it all together I'd be really grateful. I have an idea in my mind but I'm not great at blending the colours and I often end up with varying shades which looks messy


Sorry about the links not working, Ive copied the thread from elsewhere where I didnt get an answer smile

timeou Sat 10-Oct-15 11:31:20

Oooh the links are there!

JosiePye Sat 10-Oct-15 11:34:54

I've got soft stone in my bedroom and I like it. I would describe it as a taupe/mushroom colour. The matt does mark easily though!

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