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Paint advice re glossing internal doors please?

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BatteryOperatedBoyfriend Fri 18-Sep-15 14:49:45

I have those moulded panel doors with a wood grain effect throughout my house. They are getting a bit tired looking. I have sugar soaped them but they really need a coat of paint.

Is gloss the best way to go? I'm thinking it may well be too thick? I don't really like satin finish as I have pets and children and so they get marked too quickly.

Any advice appreciated please.

fuckingsickofhackers Sat 19-Sep-15 08:27:34

gloss will be perfect, easy to clean & not thick.

MissFitt68 Sat 19-Sep-15 19:31:37

Try gloss rollers. Easier than brushing, and quicker

For doors you need a non drip

Good luck

mumsnit Sat 19-Sep-15 21:50:56

I've done mine with eggshell. I love the finish and is certainly hard wearing with pets and kids so far!

moopymoodle Fri 25-Sep-15 20:06:32

I have those doors too. A gloss roller and liquid gloss will freshen them up as liquid gloss glides on easier and thinner then none drip.

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