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Blinds for skylights?

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Billclinton Mon 31-Aug-15 11:55:15

I need blinds for skylights. They are not velux windows, just non opening ceiling windows inside a 'well'. There is nowhere to fix a blind around the window itself, so the blinds would have to be fixed horizontally onto the ceiling. Does that make any sense or shall I post a picture?

Is this a standard thing to do? ie are there special blinds and fixings for the purpose or would I need someone to have a look and do some made to measure thing? Any suggestions?

Verbena37 Tue 01-Sep-15 09:19:53

You can get universal velum-type blinds. We have them and also have Felix ones for other non velux windows.
Something like [ these]

Verbena37 Tue 01-Sep-15 09:20:30

Sorry for iPad mis spellings.....those should have said velux, not Felix or velum !!

Billclinton Tue 01-Sep-15 12:18:16

Thanks for the reply. That's really useful!

nutmegella Thu 29-Oct-15 20:44:56

Ours aren't Velux either and we used the Rooflight Company

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