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What do people use instead of magnolia these days?

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MamOfTwo Fri 28-Aug-15 17:08:05

Looking to freshen up our living room and hallway. Both currently standard magnolia/cream/offwhite type colour. What is the latest neutral colour trend for giving illusion of space and yet warmth at same time?!

MrsBalustradeLanyard Fri 28-Aug-15 17:10:53

Magnolia, I bet. grin

FinallyHere Fri 28-Aug-15 17:16:43

Ours is ivory creme.

Magnolia has a pinkish base, this is more of a very light, but soft, golden tint

christinarossetti Fri 28-Aug-15 17:18:48

Lots of people rave about Dulux Timeless. It comes in large size pots as standard, which is testament to its popularity.

We've got it in a few rooms and I can see why it's popular as off whites go - it's a lovely colour.

Otherwise, Dulux's Jasmine White, although can look a bit yellowy.

TheHoundsBitch Fri 28-Aug-15 17:24:19

Grey I think. We are house hunting at the moment and there is a LOT of grey around!

PrimalLass Fri 28-Aug-15 17:32:00

Timeless. It goes with everything.

vvviola Fri 28-Aug-15 17:35:02

Our neighbours have a beautiful soft grey in their living dining room that makes me want to cry every time I see it, because it makes the room look so lovely and clean and spacious and our is a mismatch of green and white and 70s wallpaper I hate renting

So. Grey.

weaselwords Fri 28-Aug-15 17:38:11

Grey here too.

MamOfTwo Fri 28-Aug-15 18:15:44

Ooh, thank you. I had a feeling grey would feature in the answers!

Macadaamia Fri 28-Aug-15 22:31:24

I work in pai to. It's true.... Grey is the new magnolia!

Timeless is also popular

As is natural calico/hessian from dulux

Macadaamia Fri 28-Aug-15 22:31:54

Paint! That should be paint!

BikeRunSki Fri 28-Aug-15 22:34:19

Bedroom, living room and playroom are Dukux Timeless with various coloured other bits, but Timeless is taking over....

Rhgoddess1 Thu 03-Sep-15 11:42:55

I have a lot of soft french greys.... But also have dulux timeless in my kitchen thanks to MM. It is the soft white the lovely people on here said it was. In fact MM was great when I did my kitchen.

I haven't tried but have also heard good things about chalky downs 6 - dulux

TheOriginalWinkly Thu 03-Sep-15 11:48:00

Is grey going to look horribly dated in a year or two?

Rhgoddess1 Thu 03-Sep-15 12:13:14

I don't think so ( god I can't face repainting so maybe it's just me hoping!! ) Grey seems to be be around for the long haul.

Latest trend though is for blues - dramatic dark ones like stiffkey blue F and B or a pale blue like little Greene China blue pale used instead of a neutral shade.

But off white is always lovely and literally is timeless so if you want to play it safe get that. Oh and buy the endurance / washable paint so you don't end up doing touch ups like I have in my lounge sad

mynameisnotmichaelcaine Sat 05-Sep-15 22:01:49

We have used magnolia. Ivory was three times the price. We are calling it Ancient Parchment, if anybody asks.

Monica101 Sun 06-Sep-15 10:53:13

Dulux's Thimble Case is a grey neutral that I think is a modern magnolia. I don't think grey is close to dating yet as a neutral, it's the 2010's colour of choice where the 2000's were all oatmeal colours with beige carpets.

BeautifulBatman Sun 06-Sep-15 10:55:30

F & B's Elephants Breath is v v popular right now according to my painter decorator and furniture restorer friend.

TheOriginalWinkly Sun 06-Sep-15 11:03:01

The decorating magazines are all grey. Too much grey makes it look like you live in a prison, no matter how light the room is. Just the right amount of grey is gorgeous.

My walls are all off white at the moment (Dulux Ivory Lace), because we're stuck with green carpet throughout and the flat is a funny shape. There will be some grey when (if!) we move into the house we're trying to buy.

LastTripToTulsa Mon 07-Sep-15 21:32:25

Greige is the most up to date ... A cross between grey and beige if you couldn't guess smile

LadyB49 Mon 07-Sep-15 22:26:47

I've used a lovely soft sage green on a main wall and a much paler shade of the same tones on the other walls.
Main wall....serene scene
Other walls...sheer shadow.
B & Q Valspar .. it's mixed while you wait.

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Mon 07-Sep-15 23:14:51

Anything by Farrow & Ball, especially if it has a poncey name. Extra points if it is yet another bloody shade of grey.

<Disclaimer: we picked out Timeless years ago without realising it was fashionable so we are naturally über fashionable and are right.>

futureme Mon 07-Sep-15 23:23:55

We are redecorating. I dont like grey (we have a small boxy house, it uld look like a prison.) I'd probably like oatmeal, i may just be behindnthe times...

I have ayellow in my kitchen that i like, and i like sage, but have a darkmhallway. It was buttermilk but that looks murky andnws wondering bout a v pale yellow or creamy white. I may have to investigate timeless.. plain white would look emptynand wrong (but looks amazing in my grans cottage!)

futureme Mon 07-Sep-15 23:24:33

Grrr on tablet. Sory for typos.

BackforGood Mon 07-Sep-15 23:33:23

I would go with magnolia over grey, any day of the week, but I'm partial to a bit of yellow in our house (with poncey names like 'custard cream'), as it's light but not too draining.

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