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Polished concrete floor- any help much appreciated!

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Tamsinretzlaff Mon 17-Aug-15 11:05:19

We are in the middle of a house build and have (almost!) decided on a polished concrete floor.
I am struggling to find a company which has a showroom/workshop (so I can try and persuade my other half how lovely it is)
Anybody had a polished concrete floor laid? anyone know where I can find one of these in Kent?
Anyone have somebody they would recommend?
any help or tips would be grateful received! We are based in Orpington.
Googling is not my friend this time round ;-)

sacbina Tue 18-Aug-15 15:18:46

no idea about Kent, but I found one near White City. There weren't that many so you may have to be prepared to travel a distance. However, I gave up the idea when I got an accurate quote for my sqm. way above budget so chose tiles instead.

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