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Cost of John Lewis Curtain Fitting

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EEvans Tue 11-Aug-15 16:37:04

Hi all,

Any one had John Lewis come and fit some curtains for them recently and can tell me how much it cost? And what they did for you - I.e. Just hang curtains or put up a track/pole as well?

We know the price for the made to measure curtains but the girl in the shop couldn't give us a fitting charge. Apparently when they come and measure (free) they work out "how big a job it is to fit and how much it will cost".

Any guide would be great as not sure whether to go with them or the local shop.

JL quoted us £680 for the curtains - not including fitting The local shop said £907 including fitting.

I'm guessing the John Lewis fitting can't be £200! Can it? It's a bay window and they would be putting the track up for us.

Thanks in advance. smile

EEvans Wed 12-Aug-15 14:29:09

Bump! Hope someone has the answer! X

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