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Buying a top-floor flat in Mansard roof - bad idea?

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fursitet Thu 06-Aug-15 12:47:22

Please help!!!

I am considering buying an apartment on the top floor inside the flat-top mansard roof of a Victorian mansion block. (the link to building photo is below).

It has timber frame walls and EPC E 40 with improvement potential to D 56.

It's a very expensive purchase overall but some 25% discount to "normal" flats in that building.

Will we be freezing living there even after changing the windows and boiler/radiators/termostat, etc. and/or have astronomic heating bills? (It's >1,000sq.ft.)

The internal wall insulation firms said that one can not insulate timber frame walls.

Please advise if I should just forget about it or what can be done to make it a comfortable home for family with small child.

Many thanks!!!

minipie Thu 06-Aug-15 13:01:09

I think D and E are pretty standard - indeed quite good - energy ratings for any Victorian property, whether top floor or not. And many people in the UK live very comfortably in them smile. Carpets, rugs, thick curtains all help.

Yes timber framing/top floor may be a bit more difficult to keep warm, but on the other hand rises so you may find you get the benefit of your downstairs neighbours' heating!

I wouldn't count on being allowed the change the windows, check with council first, it may be in a conservation area.

minipie Thu 06-Aug-15 13:02:02

heat rises

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