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soft covering ideas for slate floor?

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gemmalou123 Tue 04-Aug-15 19:18:51

Dc2 due Jan, and what I can not get my head around is what I'm going to do downstairs, lying on playmat, crawling, walking etc.

We currently have slate throughout the whole ground floor- any carpet would get ruined with 2 dogs, muddy husband, rural walks, outdoor hobbies & 5yo DD that rndlessly rides her trike around the kitchen.....

I'm thinking of something thick and soft to roll out in the day for baby and put away for when dogs & DH return in the evening. Any ideas of what I can use?? Happy to sew/make something, just no idea what.....

Any ideas, or am I after something stagnant be done?!

Qwebec Tue 04-Aug-15 20:33:11

XL yoga matt, thick rug that can be easily rolled, those giant puzzle piece thingys, a quilt come to mind.

CheshireDing Tue 04-Aug-15 22:41:05

We have a large play mat for when the DC's were small. I think it was Tolo or Tiny Love (it's in the loft so I can't check).

Also as mentioned above I knew someone who used a double duvet and jazzy cover from Ikea which I thought was a cool idea.

gemmalou123 Tue 04-Aug-15 22:48:19

Thanks both, great ideas to look into further. I'm just envisioning (sp) child clouting the floor with head as DD often did, but had carpet when she was small.

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