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Chimney breast decor ideas

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tvlover1234 Thu 30-Jul-15 00:01:14

So we're buying our first house. We are planning on painting all walls cream bar the chimney breast. So far the only colours we have in the living room is the sofa! Which has cream, beige, brown and ever so pale green in the pillows. (not a fan of pale green but as it's striped it looks OK) has anyone got any good ideas what we can do to the chimney breast?? A friend of ours has put slate grey tiles on theirs which looks pretty cool. I'd probably go for a more brown coloured tile though? Thoughts??

ShesAStar Fri 31-Jul-15 09:42:28

Have a look at the amazing wall papers and coverings at Rocket St George. Or you can get your favourite painting printed and framed to the perfect size for the chimney breast? You can get this done online.

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