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Please help me pick a front door colour

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ThisOneNoThatOne Sun 26-Jul-15 22:13:26

I'm in the middle of repainting our front door and I'm having a bit if a wobble about which colour to choose. Please can you help me!

I'm going to use Farrow & Ball exterior eggshell. I was originally going to go for Parma Grey, then I switched to Lulworth Blue and now I'm thinking of going with Cooks Blue. But I just can't decide!

Farrow & ball

It's the original door in a 1930s house. The rest of the house is painted white & the door furniture is chrome.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you!

SweetAndFullOfGrace Sun 26-Jul-15 22:31:02

They're all a bit too blue for 1930s aren't they? I'd go for something with a slight greenish undertone like F&B Pigeon or Little Greene Bone China Blue.

ThisOneNoThatOne Mon 27-Jul-15 07:47:47

Thank you. I quite like the Little Greene one. Will order a sample.

ThisOneNoThatOne Mon 27-Jul-15 20:10:08

Does anyone else have any ideas? Still can't decide on one 100%! Thanks

overmydeadbody Tue 28-Jul-15 15:43:55

You're overthinking it.

Any of those colours will look nice.

SweetAndFullOfGrace Tue 28-Jul-15 17:53:14

This company will advise on traditional colour schemes if you wanted something true to the 1930s?

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