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Furniture shop deals

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Peppaandgeorge01 Mon 13-Jul-15 16:02:22

Do well known furniture stores usually offer some type of offers or discount when buying more than one item?
We went into oak furniture land with a list of items we knew we wanted, to kit out 2 bedrooms and 2 additional items for the living room - totalling around £4500.

We didn't need finance, as we had the money there ready to buy out right!
2 other near by stores, in fact less than 100m away, sell exactly the same range, one slightly cheaper.

We asked what their best price was on purchasing everything on that list there and then. The sales man pretty much said there is no negotiation and it's like going to a supermarket, you pick your items and pay the price!
I would have thought considering the close competition, the sales people would be more determine to secure a sale?
I've always heard of people getting discounts at furniture/department/electrical stores when bulk buying and didn't think it was unreasonable to ask?

Then when we said we would think about it, the salesman said, if you decide to buy, don't come on Thursday or Friday as those are my days off!!!
Why would we want to arrange our plans to fit round his days off, to ensure he got his commission when he has done nothing to 'sell' the products to us? We both looked at each other slightly confused.

verystressedmum Mon 13-Jul-15 21:25:40

So where did you buy your furniture in the end?

Peppaandgeorge01 Mon 13-Jul-15 22:21:10

We havent yet. We will be going to the other 2 stores to get a price! Usually these places offer to give a free smaller item away or discount it to secure your sale. Like with holidays or buying TVs, you often get the whole ' buy it today and we will half the deposit amount or throw in a free TV stand. But nothing.

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