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Anyone ever Decopatched/Decoupaged a floor??

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LittleHorseShoes Sun 12-Jul-15 18:10:11

We live in a very higgeldy piggeldy old farmhouse, where extra rooms have basically been tacked on in a pretty random fashion over the past 4 centuries leading to lots of changes in floor levels and ceiling heights throughout the ground floor. We have a smallish area leading from our lounge which consists of 4 L-shaped concrete steps and concrete landing off which are located the office/downstairs loo/utility. At some point in time the concrete was painted a rather putrid mustard colour. About 2 years ago I attempted to paint over it white but gave up half way through so now it looks worse than ever!!! Our house is very "shabby chic/country lived in" style. I don't think there is a straight wall or a flat floor anywhere which suits my messy family very well but the hideous painted concrete mess has to go! I have had quotes tiling it and carpeting it but it's massively expensive and fiddly to do either due to weird shape of the steps and the fact that adding any more "height" to the floor just won't work (at 5'7 I already bang my head on the doorway if I'm wearing flat shoes and forget to duck!)

Anyway, back to the decopatch! I've been thinking about attempting it on this horrible concrete area as a cheap way of making the floor look fresh and cheerful smile I am thinking of some ditzy floral catch kidston type pattern. Has anyone ever attempted decopatch on a floor??? If so, any tips? I was thinking about protecting it with a top coat of yacht varnish or similar once it has all dried. I think the main issue would be whether the paper would stick properly to the painted concrete?? Have found a few images by googling so it does seem to be possible... Although mine would need to be hooverable and moppable due to children, dogs, cats etc!

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