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If I mix grey and cream chalk paint...

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FanjoBean Sun 05-Jul-15 12:36:22

Will it make the lovely taupe-y colour I'm imagining?

I'm using Rustoleum chalk paint - I have Clotted Cream and Winter Grey, but the grey looks a bit too cold and dark for what I'm after. Will it work?

FanjoBean Sun 05-Jul-15 12:37:37

Sorry - I have Clotted Cream already but haven't bought the grey yet (otherwise I suppose I could just try it). I don't want to buy it if it won't work!

verystressedmum Sun 12-Jul-15 13:44:54

Mix a bit into a small pot taking note of the quantities and see what colour you get.

Gunpowder Sun 12-Jul-15 13:45:38

YY. Can you get a tester pot?

verystressedmum Sun 12-Jul-15 13:46:50

Sorry just realised you don't have the paint yet! I think it will work it should lighten the grey though it may not be exactly what you've got in your head it might be near enough. Don't they do the small pots of paint ?

verystressedmum Sun 12-Jul-15 13:52:03

I'm pretty sure B&Q do this paint and have small pots for a fiver.

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