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Daybeds - with proper mattress

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angrybird3 Wed 01-Jul-15 12:13:50

Hi Mumsnetters,

We're about to move and will need to make one of the kids rooms an occasional spare room for my folks.

A while ago I saw a day bed, with the trundle option, BUT the mattresses seemed very sturdy, and also, crucially, were oriented so that both people's heads were at the top of the bed, rather than one person sleeping up against the back of the day bed, and having to mountaineer over the other to access the loo in the night.

For reason that are too tedious to explain, I cannot find this bed now, and wondered if any of you lot knew of such a bed.

I should point out that the child in question is an 11 year old boy, so a non frilly one would be ideal.

Also I am prepared to pay up to about £500 for the right thing.

Also, thanks!

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