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Box cushion covers? Help!

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RandomHouseRules Wed 24-Jun-15 18:34:22

I need two box cushion covers, for two box cushions which are 13" square and about 2, maybe 3" deep. I do NOT want box cushions - I already have these. I just want covers. I don't really care about the design of the covers - it is to replace the entirely mangled covers on the box cushions the DCs sit on at tea time. I have scoured the internet and all I can find is covered cushions but it seems a massive waste to chuck out the perfectly goods ones I have. And no, I cannot make cushion covers myself.

So please please please tell me where I can get a box cushion cover!! Thanks!

Barneskb Sat 27-Jun-15 10:32:27

I completely understand that buying new cushions is a waste. I think that you might find it hard to find just the covers though. I think the best would be to get someone to make them for you. I can ask my friend for a quote, if you want.

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