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Tell me what nice things your daughters have in their rooms ...

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PlayingHouse Wed 24-Jun-15 14:54:16

Am in the middle of decorating dd1's bedroom.

Any nice decorations, lights, cushions etc

DD1 is 7

princessvikki Thu 25-Jun-15 09:06:29

My dd is only 18 months but I came across a fairy door you put on the skirting board and I can't wait to get her 1, can you imagine how magical it would be to believe faries live in your bedroom. I would love 1 and I'm suppose to be a grown upsmile

TranquilityofSolitude Thu 25-Jun-15 09:12:56

My DD has these wall art stickers from Ikea in her room. She's actually 16 but I think they'd work well for anyone.

FanjoBean Fri 03-Jul-15 14:09:12

My daughter has a fairy door smile she's a bit young to understand now but I can't wait until she does

Nevergoingtolearn Fri 03-Jul-15 14:15:13

Dd1 has a ikea bedroom,I kea storage, giant fluffy cushions, egg chair, string lights and a bunk bed.

sayerville Tue 07-Jul-15 19:34:28

I decorated my DD's (19 now at uni so hardly here sad ) by painting all her furniture in white chalk paint and putting on pink glass crystal knobs on everything also large swept frame painted mirrors but best of all I got a crystal Marie Theresa antique chandleier at auction for £35, cleaned rewired and renovated it to discover it is worth about 1K, it looks amazing if I say so myself, she is very lucky, took 3 of us to out it up!

YeOldTrout Tue 07-Jul-15 19:40:51

wooden dressing table
lots of home-made funky wooden shelves
a cabin bed she can hide under

Icapturethecastle Tue 07-Jul-15 19:46:52

I love the ikea ribba photo ledges to display books photos little knick knacks. Can change every day. Also bought this wardrobe for £5 and painted with tester pots! Dd is 5 so can paint and chane as sad gets older!

Icapturethecastle Tue 07-Jul-15 19:47:37

Sorry for typos - change as she gets older.

downgraded Tue 07-Jul-15 19:49:22

She has an easel and a washing line to hang her paintings.

She also has a canvas which she and her friends did footprints on and a painting of our local area which I had framed at eye watering cost

I don't get fairy doors.

MumOfTheMoment Tue 07-Jul-15 19:59:01

Dd (6) has these blinds and matching lampshade. Lots of colours to pick out. She has blossom white walls which is pink enough for her but subtle enough for me!

Artistic Tue 07-Jul-15 20:44:14

Fairy light! Looks & feels lovely at night.

Mmbop Tue 07-Jul-15 20:54:42

icapture your dds room is beautiful! shock

abearcalledpaddington Thu 16-Jul-15 13:29:32

I bought my daughters a bed canopy which has glow in the dark lights on it. Can't link but got it from not on the high street.

SunnyBaudelaire Thu 16-Jul-15 13:34:06

a steamer trunk
two car seats
a road sign warning of road works ahead

PlayingHouse Sat 18-Jul-15 13:05:29

Really appreciate all the ideas. Love the photo of ikea photo ledge - such a great idea esp in dd1's small room.

THe wardrobe is lovely smile

Hobbes8 Sat 18-Jul-15 18:47:17

Gltc have nice book ledges, although ikea would be a lot cheaper:

I've also seen people use wooden ikea spice racks as book ledges, painted in all colours, which looks really nice.

blessedenough Sun 19-Jul-15 22:54:20

Just about to DDS room, great ideas. Thanks

AliMonkey Sun 19-Jul-15 23:01:12

DD has Laura Ashley Bella Butterfly light which she and I both love. A bit pricy for a light shade I thought but was the only expensive thing that was purely decorative. She then has glow in the dark butterfly stickers as well.

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