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Kitchen Colour Scheme help.....

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lucylucy86 Mon 15-Jun-15 22:50:19

Hello All,

New member here looking for a bit of help please! I am looking to decorate my kitchen and am a bit useless with colours. It's a west facing kitchen in an 1830's Terraced house.

The Kitchen has 6 things going on:
1 - Terracotta Floor tiles
2 - Worktops
3 - Kitchen Units
4 - Wall Tiles
5 - Plastered Wall on the upper half
6 - Wooden 'strip' panels on the wall.

The floor tiles can't be changed - we just don't have the budget and we would like real wooden worktops - a light-medium oak.

The Kitchen Units we thought we would go with a cream maybe?

The Wall Tiles are currently under the units on the left of the photo and to the end of the 'breakfast bar' worktop on the left. As well as this the right hand wall is tiled completely. We were thinking of removing all the tiles on the left hand wall and replacing those on the right with a cream tile in the splashback areas.

The wooden strip panels can be seen to the left of the door in the picture - there is a lot more in the corner where the picture is taken. This I was thinking of repainting in white - white is already in the room with the windows and also as the door frame is white, it would look odd to change the colour?

Lastly, the walls. I was originally thinking of cream, but thought it could be too bland, so was then thinking of a sage green?

What does anyone think? We'd have Teracotta, Oak, Cream, White and Green.

Sorry if this is a bit of a silly question - I'm really trying to visualise in my head!

Ormally Tue 16-Jun-15 17:25:53

Be quite careful with the cream and white - check with examples of the actual item together (eg a tile plus a kitchen unit). I fancied some cream in a kitchen which now has dark grey worktops and checked floor tiles, a dark and kind of bone grey (but not white) - looking at the cream things we thought about, they were in reality more beige and did not work or match. We were also warned off cream-based paint colours even though we couldn't see they had a cream base.

Quite like the sage idea but take steps to compare it with the actual shade of the terracotta.

We ended up with very pale pink walls. The idea was that they looked white and it was just a hint, but you can really tell they are pink against the white skirting, even though it is pale. Didn't specially want that but it was the only colour that worked with the greys and oak colour units (and red which is the accent colour I wanted), and it looks nice.

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