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painting lounge walls white - WHICH white?!

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beanhead24 Sat 13-Jun-15 23:23:42

we have the dreaded magnolia throughout at the mo but I am going to start going through the house with white instead, starting with the lounge.

I want to get the wipeable paint this time as we seem to be very grubby & I need to be able to wipe down easily. So which brand and which white? Is brilliant white TOO white for walls? Does it look too harsh?

Clueless so please help!

BikeRunSki Sat 13-Jun-15 23:31:44

I am a big fan of Dulux "Timeless". Our sitting room (and soon bedroom) is painted this colour, mixed in a Valspar "premium" base.
Timeless is not too bright but not too cream. A bit warmer than pure brilliant white.

Valspar is the range that B&Q now carry for mixing up colours. You can tell them the shade you want from another range and the machine knows what it is. The "Premium" base is really durable, a year later looks brand new still.

ilovehotsauce Sat 13-Jun-15 23:35:29

Ditto dulux timeless.

Yamahaha Sat 13-Jun-15 23:38:00

Timeless is really nice!

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Sat 13-Jun-15 23:39:05

We've got Timeless too. grin

Not a lot of difference between it and the brilliant white of our woodwork to be honest. I sometimes wish we'd gone for a darker creamier colour.

Marmitelover55 Sun 14-Jun-15 00:04:15

Also love Timeless smile

HelenF350 Sun 14-Jun-15 00:15:17

Natural calico is very nice.

ThatIsNachoCheese Sun 14-Jun-15 00:39:33

Another one for timeless. It's gorgeous.

beanhead24 Sun 14-Jun-15 00:52:09

Thanks allgrin

PlainHunting Sun 14-Jun-15 08:28:00


jn367502 Sun 14-Jun-15 08:46:10

sail white I think it's dulux

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 14-Jun-15 09:11:40

Morning all,

We're moving this thread over to our Home Decoration topic at the OP's request. smile

yomellamoHelly Fri 19-Jun-15 15:55:06

Have been using Timeless throughout house as we go. Kitchen soon to go Timeless too!

yomellamoHelly Fri 19-Jun-15 15:55:51

Should add we used Calico in the previous house everywhere, but I don't feel it suits this one.

shash1982 Fri 19-Jun-15 15:57:57

Dulux white cotton is nice too. We've just used it upstairs & it's not too white.

mumslife Fri 19-Jun-15 21:38:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsPnut Fri 19-Jun-15 21:40:42

We have timeless too, and am about to do the big study and playroom in it.

minesapintofwine Mon 29-Jun-15 08:30:34

'Timeless' here too! I painted all the upstairs rooms with it and like it so much I'm just going to paint it all through the downstairs when I get round to it

TheTravellingLemon Mon 29-Jun-15 08:39:57

We've just done our entire house in Dulux brilliant white. I was a bit worried that it would be too harsh, but I love it.

We chose tiffany wall and ceiling lights to brighten up the lounge/diner and have some beautiful big bright paintings and prints hanging on the walls. It looks bright and clean. I think the key with doing everything white is to get the accessories right. Then it looks lovely.

AnyoneForTennis Mon 29-Jun-15 10:08:19

sail white is crown

I work in paint......its my job,and have to say,timeless is the bestseller!

but Valspar premium is the ONLY paint I know of which is not ony wipeable and washable,its actually SCRUBBABLE. its pretty amazing

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