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Back to wall roll top bath

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wowfudge Sun 07-Jun-15 09:58:57

We are finally going ahead with renovating our horrible DIY disaster bathroom - not our disaster btw, we inherited it when we bought the house.

DP wants a back to wall roll top bath and having done a search I've found Victorian Plumbing does one with chrome feet. Does anyone have one of these and how do you find it in terms of quality, comfort, etc? Also can anyone suggest any others please?

We do not have the budget for cast iron so good quality acrylic, etc.

BanKimoon Mon 08-Jun-15 07:29:22

We just had that exact bath fitted!!! Not had a bath in it yet (still ongoing issues with getting the shower in) but quality wise it seems pretty nice, it's a really deep bath and seems pretty comfy from trying it out without water at least. DS has enjoyed his baths in it so far!! Let me know if you have any specific questions about it!

BanKimoon Mon 08-Jun-15 07:30:16

Sorry, way too many exclamation marks in that reply, especially for this time in the morning confused

wowfudge Mon 08-Jun-15 11:39:58

Thank you Ban. Turns out that despite agreeing he would like a b-t-w roll top bath he actually means a b-t-w freestanding bath, if that isn't an oxymoron, so slightly more modern as there's a panel round the bath rather than visible feet. Anyway, very useful to know Victorian Plumbing quality is good!

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